Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dollar Dollar News Y'all

Hold on to your flying pants kiddos, I added a link to my sidebar that takes you on a google news search about Dollar Stores.
I know. Very exciting stuff.
Ring ring ring.... Hello?
Crimestopper calling!
Now we play America's Most Wanted.

Quad City 5-0 wants you to identify this train.
$1000 Reward.

This dollar store may be declared a public nuisance . I bet i could find some real official fucked up shit in there. Like a crackpipe with a doody stain.

And a fantastically awful Spider Man coloring book was discovered in a discount store. Pictures jacked from this blog. Great stuff.

I am looking for my multicultural pack of crayola crayons immediately upon completion of this post.


johanna said...

bah! you and your dead children outcry - i read this! i demand more!

kangsta said...

just be glad I don't have to send Michael Jackson after your ass.

Alicia said...

spiderman stuff!

kangsta said...

i hope you checked the rest of the pics out on that blog. you were my first thought when i found them.

Alicia said...

well of course i looked at them. my favorite was the spiderman keychain. i have one like that.