Friday, December 29, 2006

See, we are FANS of 99 Sense

Ok. I don't have any real fans yet, but a girl can dream.
A fey can also decorate.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Spanish-American War

I was reading A.M. NY this morning and the front page story was about NYC hitting a record tourism rate this year. 44 million visitors! I was wondering what was going on, because the streets are crowded like crazy. Anyways, this little bit in the article stood out to me.

"At the "twofer" TKTS Broadway show ticket line by the Marriott Marquis, Spanish tourist Eve Jimenez, 28, said she found New York safe and friendly.
And her favorite part of the city? "Shopping. The 99 cent stores," she said."

Word up Eve Jimenez. And I was kidding about that war stuff.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Los Angeles: 99 Cent Store - 6th & Fairfax

Hello. This is my first post. You may recognize me from such blogs as DGCommunity. I like to go to discount stores, and check out all of the wonderful and shitty things they sell. My camera was pretty crap at the time that I took these first pictures, so bear with me for the moment. I've upgraded my technology. So here's a sample of some gems I found in the 99 cent store on the corner of 6th street, and Fairfax in Los Angeles. This particular 99 cent store has a terrible sulfuric odor outside it all times. It's like a fart store. They also sell bananas.

First up, Bite me.

I was really digging the selection of air fresheners. Nothing smells better than freedom and graffiti. This is what it must have been like in the old days in the train yards. Please note that the graffiti air freshener has a tag that almost says KFed, who is also currently experiencing freedom, and is most definitely street.

If there's something everybody needs in their bathroom, it's some Bully. It will beat your ass stank out with every flush. Count on it. Why? Cuz it's depend-o.

Speaking of that ass, here's some help for the children. You can't read the box, but it says it's relief for the un-happy butt. We shouldn't have unhappy butts crawling around, because Whitney once told me that the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way. I won't follow someone with an unhappy butt. It's just a policy I have.

Also for the children, cherry flavor Boogie Busters. It's cold season. When your kid's nose is crusty and boogery, bust em with some monkey moisture, like Pladaow!

I really wondered what their version of Polo could have smelled like for 99 cents. I imagine, a horse. Will you check out that guy's mane?

I'm batman!

And finally, the last item anyone should ever purchase from a 99 cent store. The woman who buys this also believed he would pull out.