Monday, December 31, 2007

Pretty Crappy

I wanna make this blog pretty. All this stark whiteness is making me feel like I need to weave some kinte cloth, harvest yams, and get bitten by a tsetse fly.

By pretty, I mean pretty/crappy of course. You know my steez.
Can someone point me to some sort of customize your blogger templates website for blogtards? I couldn't even figure out how to do the "read more after the jump" thing that people do, and I'm a certified genius.

Wheeee! Lets make this new year super happy.

Whether you adore or abhor me, I have another blog, Toob Tops. I talk a lot less, and generally make it weird. Maybe check it out or something.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

You Want A Piece Of Me?

New Computer!
No thanks to most of you, but a thank you shout for support goes out to Little Orphan Annie (a solid, solid dude), LiciaLo, V. Fun T, and My Mistress Nelbow. Youda best.

Today's installment of 99 Sense is brought to you by the letter Spears. As I was walking around 99¢ City in Downtown Brooklyn, just about every other piece of shit I saw reminded me Britney, Jamie-Lynn, or matriarch Lynn. What a year it's been for those three. I'm not about to make it any easier, so grab a Frapp and a bag of cheetos and we're off!

You shouldn't need to read the gossip rags in order to know that this mug pretty much sums up everything that has happened since Britney filed for divorce from Kevin, and with much bravery and class alerted him of such via text message (video booya!)


Chica got face jacked by some cheap ass perfume.

About touring, Britney was once quoted as saying "I get to go to lots of overseas places, like Canada."

Even 99 Cent store dolls have better weave.

Rather than indulging in the constant partying, a little more work with these might have hushed some of the flack about her looks during her VMA performance

She owns these, right? Got to.
these too prolly.
Lets just wait and see if she again decides to spontaneously run into the malibu surf in her underwear to see.

I don't remember if Britney actually pierced her bellybutton or not, but she certainly looks like the kind of tart that would.

One, Two, Three Times a Lady. Britney's upskirt threepeat last year was the most blatant display of celebritwat in the history of the world part 3.

Promises' pansy ass rehab, in a box.

1 part producer Nate "Danja" Hills
and equal parts herbs
and T-Pain
And we've got chartbusting hit album Blackout.
Don't front. Piece of Me is a jam and a half. Up her derrière.
I love it.

The question oft asked..

We are very aware this is not an option.

I imagined Britney (and Jamie-Lynn in 6 months) dressing their lil' lousiana star babies up in this thing and acting all Anna Nicole in clown makeup, and I cried a little, but mostly laughed.

It was reported that Britney fed Sean P, and Jayden J ice cream to shut them up and make them fall asleep. My mother-friends say that makes no sense, but perhaps she was on to something.

With their Pimps and Maids sweatsuits, Brit-n-Kev's wedding was certainly one to remember. Considering that it's been reported Britney has lesbionic tendencies, let's just hope this book was really a pack of tarot cards, I'm the new Miss Cleo, and this is my free readin'.

What kind of kids was you raisin' Lynne?
Brit's most likely getting the old Michael Jackson yes-man treatment from those around her these days, which is a damn shame, but ought to lead to even more acts of desperate rediculous behavior - so I'm just sitting here in my barcalounger saying bring it on.

Final Words...
In my search for an image from brit-kev's wedding i came across these creepy videos made by a man who calls himself Emotionizer. Shit'redic.

Monday, December 03, 2007

White Flight

I'm not usually an instigator, but I've been known to roll with a few. I remember this one time I was hanging out and walking around the Columbus Circle/Lincoln Center area of Manhattan with a bunch of kids that I'd gone to summer camp with. The second session kids came through in numbers. I ought to tell you that they were mostly black. This one particular kid had an EPMD tape in his quote unquote ghetto blaster and really got a kick out of blasting the intro of the song "Head Banger" repeatedly. I'm going to assume you don't know what that sounds like, so imagine this guy yelling NEGROOOOOOOOES!!!!! over and over and over and over. It was one of those jokes that went on too long, and I was kind of afraid I was going to run into one of my neighbors or something. But after 5 minutes of this, the non-black kids joined in, the old ladies were nearly breaking their osteo-arthritic bones to get away from us and I was laughing so hard I thought I was gonna pee my pants.

That's just another rambling introduction to this video that features uppity white people vomiting in their mouths a little bit at the thought of a 99 cent store opening on Rodeo Drive.

You can run, but you can't hide. Much like Gloria Estefan warned us about the rhythm, the discount is gonna get'cha.