Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Girl, I Need To Check Out Your Box

I'm like the gynecologist of Engrish. Defa Lucy is my favorite. If I were an pimp she'd be the top ho in my stable. Her box always pleases.

Defa Lucy touching mermaid

Defa Lucy PrincessAlign Center
Mermaid, Princess, and a Frog Prince? Fairytailz. Ur doin it rong.

Defa Lucy Mermaid Talk
She might also be a tranny. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Defa Lucy Day Full Of Snowflake
Are they saying she's high on cocaine?

Defa Lucy and Friends in the snow
Um, yes. There might also be some dust involved.

Defa Lucy Summer Wears
This btw, is from the front of the same box. I know you're high but pick a season, ditz.

Defa Lucy Sweet Living Room Style
That would have made more sense on the front of this box.

Defa Lucy Cup of Coffee

Defa Lucy Cup of Coffee
Mmm she just wore em up. Not a scrap left. And then she slowly dipped, she dip, she dip.

Defa Lucy Stylish Suits
I don't care how beautiful, I would vanquish those demonic suits, just showing up, season after season...

Defa Lucy Sexy Pink Skirt

Defa Lucy Sairy & Her Teacher Box
I love that it's the pencil holder that is aware of this knowledge now.

Defa Lucy Sairy & Her Teacher Box
I think the tiny computer and Chris Brown should have a face off to see who can transform ya most.

Happy Family Defa Lucy
Happy Family, Gay Dad. See how he's reaching for that purse, even with a broken arm?

Lucy Will Bring You A Nice Mood
I thought that was Mary Jane.

Defa Lucy Box
Her question-finger is in the right place, but question mark...not so much.

Defa Lucy Happy Family Box
Ah, happiest childhood memories, walking away from the bar. What is this Defa anyway that it has a bar, and a Lucy?