Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Toys For Tots

I checked out Jack's World on 45th between 5th and 6th Ave in Manhattan recently. They are not a 99 cent store, but more of a brand name discount store. I noticed they had a pretty awesome toy section. Wrote a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it go.

First up, is this unicorn-pegasus jumpsuit costume. I love jumpsuits. I'm sure that If I had a kid, they would also love jumpsuits, and if they didn't I would force them to, and that excites me. So now I'm basically begging someone to knock me up, so I have a reason to buy this jumpsuit, so I can torture my child. That, or I'm looking for Rick Moranis so he can honey I shrunk the me, so that I can fit into the outfit, prance and whinny and sparkle.

This is a 27 piece subway sandwich playset. Preparing children for a lifetime of servitude in minimum wage.

These are just kind of awesome.

On first glance, I thought this box said Club Bitch Day, but I was wrong. Nolee, let's rock!

I found the Hello Kitty discount black hole.
If you know any Hello Kitty freaks in NYC, send em over. Shit is cheap.

dining set, $3.99

bubblegum girlfriends PC game, $6.99

4 piece pez set in a lunchbox! I forgethowmuch.99
(too bad i don't collect pez dispensers anymore)

Marshmallow pops $.99

Magic ink game book (i love these things!) $4.99

No joke but as an adult I always kind of dreamed of having a decorative shelf or two or five with wig heads, and/or Barbie styling heads on it in my living room. The only Barbie I had that I truly liked as a kid was my styling head. Now I can fulfill my dreams, and on the discount tip! I only wish they had the hispanic barbie Teresa, or the black one Christine as well. I'm into Equal opportunity head.

Are realities in a box anything like dick in a box?
Just say yes.

And finally, the finale.
Twitchy, like the anticipation of presenting a dick in a box: Barbie's cousin My Scene Fab Faces.

Now you know what 'Lil Kim will look like when you kidnap her and encase her in your plastic lair.


jo said...

yes for the kangsta

KRAY LA SOUL said...

Hey Way to Blog Kim!