Monday, January 15, 2007

I Have A Dream

On this Martin Luther King holiday, I too had a dream.

as real as it may seem....
it was only in my dreams.

So today's post is about dreamy things I found in midtown Manhattan's 99¢ Dreams.

yes please.



this baby is dreaming so deeply, she doesn't even realize she's taking off all her panties.

Sambo pizza chefs? Now that's what I call equality!

Ooh, now here's my nightmare.
This ugly Russian bitch kept following me around the store,
smoothin out my sheets, and soakin in my tub.

I know hotlinking is bad, but I can't find an audio host of my own, and in my typical tacky fashion, I want to send you off today with an audio clip from one of my favorite movies ever, Coming To America. "You ain't never met Martin Luther The King". Keep dreamin, kiddoes.

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