Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"The Dream Is Still Alive"

- Wilson Phillips
watch here. Listen and weep. It just makes me wanna...hold on for one more day!

My finds from 99 Dreams continue today. Are you ready?

Although passion and softness are two things that I really appreciate in regards to things that touch my womanhood, pads are way not the move. I'm reminded of a tampon commercial my friends and I found hilarious in the early 90's Wilson Phillips era, where a teenage girl emerges from a bathroom to show her friends her date outfit, and one of them asks her in a rad valley girl voice, "Are you wearing a pad? It's kinda bulky!"
What a trauma!
so on that note, Julie, I know there's pain. Why do you lock yourself up in these chains?

On a quick serious note: Click here to virtually donate much needed tampons and pads to women's shelters in your state. While donations of clothing, diapers and other needs are often met, this necessity is often overlooked.

the fuck...
es esto?
First the Pizza Sambos and now this? 4 varieties of latino soap. Warsh the dirty mexicans and shit. Discount stores be straight up racialist!
How much do you wanna bet they stock this at the hotel California tho?

Oh ginger snap! The Virgin Mary's cookie!

you got served.

just plain weird.

Survey: Mr. Clean's envious brother, or his competitive yet underachieving boyfriend?
Either way, I bet he's great for cleaning seamen.

Cute and kinda Engrish.
Here's another example of it's use
The artwork by the way, was hideous.

A combination of Engrish, blatant bootleggery and perhaps carelessness. Bust how they mangled Cross Country, there is no motorcycle, and the statement on the bootleg McDonalds truck says "More Delicacy More Happiness" and the bootleg Coke is Coco Col.

I was drawn to this high grade terylene muffle because i didn't know what terylene was but it looked very cheap. I did a little research and turns out it's mostly used to make jewish table linens and yarmukles. Ouch.

Someone should send a case of these muffles to Britney Spears. She'd love them.

Bootleg Hello Kitty products can't stop, won't stop.

cuz you're a...

also note: these dolls look like Wendy and Chyna from Wilson Phillips!


steve said...

pardon me, but that truck that's delivering restaurant supplies cross-cpimtry is the _Wcdonald's_ truck.

my 4th graders call me Mr. BigMacFartland.

Blogger said...

Anyone else wants a FREE MC DONALD'S GIFTCARD?