Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fun With Google

Cranked out another collab with Google and found this auction on ebay. From what I can gather via continued Googling, is this has something to do with scrapbooking, AKA, Crapbooking. All I know is, the item sounds something that would interest one of my favorite bloggers, Cathy Sampson.
so says it:
This is an idea booklet that has never been for sale. Collect them all! There are over 120 different crop talks and handouts from various Creative Memories events. This item comes from a smoke free home and will be shipped flat in a manilla envelope.I have not nor have I ever been a Creative Memories Consultant.Please check out my other auctions to combine and discount shipping! The first croptalk will be $1.50 shipping and each crop talk after that will be $.50 to ship. After the first ten croptalks, they will be $.20 each to ship. I include surprise goodies in all my auctions!

Go read Cathy Sampson. She boggles my mind.

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