Thursday, February 08, 2007

You've Come A Long Way, Babe

So I've been hitting up discount stores for quite some time, buying odd items, and displaying them where I live. Today, we take a look into my past. While checking the medicine cabinet in my parents house this evening, I discovered they too were still holding on to a piece of my 99 Sense that I have also taken along with me to each of homes since I've flown the coop. When I find something this good, I buy multiples (cuz shit, it was only 99 cents!) This fantastic item was purchased in 2002 in a 99 cent store on Chambers St. in Manhattan. I saw it, choked on the Dr. Pepper I was sipping, which led to spasms which almost made me completely vomit up the delicious Popeye's Fried Chicken I'd just eaten down the block.

Yes Vivica, at last.

I love every fucking thing about this.
I looked for other Ebon-aide shades, but the store only had Honey.

Color-match? Fuck yeah. It's like painting a house.
I was going to ask how, ask now, ask Sherwin-Williams, but black people don't hyphenate their last names, so I should have known that wouldn't work.

Some very thorough documentation on my part. I'm treating this like a miracle.

This is stripped down.
The swimsuit portion of my imaginary awesome product pageant

The money shot.
After all the hype, Honey was just another high-yella band-aid.
I think Mocha would have been my shade.

Check out to find your shade of outer blackness.

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KinkyThought said...

I discovered Ebon-Aides at Tommy's in Atlanta in 2003 and bought 6 boxes because they were 99cents each. I just ran out and I can't find Tommy's or EbonAides anymore. I wasted about half my supply just giving them away to people trying to spread the love. Mocha is that fire. You might be Cinnamon.