Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Your Blue Heaven

To the azuliest woman I know and her lovely lady love, this post is for you. You see how it all comes together? I think you should create a dance move called the Fruit Rolls. Make it your signature, and tell it Kangsta sent you.


African Lesbians


Shavon said...

These are simply the coolest blog pics my eyes have ever laid eyes on...props to you...much props! In regards to the dance, I'm pretty sure and body roll I do will be super fruity..and sweet. Word !

Alana Lopez said...

those africahn women huggin up on each other are amazing! they should go on top of shavon and jory's wedding cake! and im all about helping to co-choreograph a dance to the fruity roll.

Anonymous said...

nice pics

Anonymous said...

Video the dance and post it facebook!