Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mo' Mo' Mo'

Back to the topic at hand: A pu pu platter of engrish tleats. Suckle on 'em.

I overlooked this fantastic Finery Moppet yesterday. I suppose it's "latest technology" could be a stealth, or a cloaking system that allowed it to fly under my radar undetected.

There she goes again. My main jumpoff, Benign Girl. She stays showing up, and I love her.
I've heard that she's been catching some fame, as a friend of mine told me she heard Benign Girl mentioned on NPR a couple of months ago. I also did a little research and found a ton of other Benign Girl pictures on Flickr. She's spreading y'all. If this continued unregulated and unchecked, she might become malignant.

Next week, I'm going to drive this car straight to Bryant Park

Correct. Honey is very good. I love it in my Fage greek strained yogurt. That shit is like crack. I found it in Amy Winehouse's beehive.

Keep telling yourself that. I watch Top Model, and those ladies cry all the time. Check any of Rich from Four Four's recaps, he documents tears very thoroughly.

These are cute. They kinda look like Ziggy.

Like baby Jessica.

It costs $6.00 and they want you to be careful.
I suppose if you're buying $6.00 porcelain, you can't afford anything else, so you probably should be careful with the few things you buy, because you won't be able to afford to replace it.

Money, cash.
Money, cash, drawers - WHAT?
(that was a remix)

Laser Pointer.
This is actually my favorite item out of them all.


I want to marry the person who chose this translation.
Or even better, someone who is willing to use a strong, silent type air touch piano in the sandstorm.

I also wouldn't mind swagger-jacking lil miss wavy keys' sci-fi outfit. Wearing it would mentally bring me closer to my dream of being an intergalactic hussy.

Um, what do the words Basketball, Prompting, and Amused have to do with each other?

Corny Monica.
Like Lewinsky's failed handbag line.
Also, that's not corn. It's a banana.

I need to thoroughly look through my archives...I might have even more for tomorrow. If not, toodles till the next time.


Kitty said...

Hilarious. I love your blog!!

some of this stuff is so weird and some of it is actually in my grandmother's house. Haha!
I was a cashier in high school. Billions / minimum wage = to-may-toe /to-mah-toe.

Kangsta! said...

Your grandmother obviously has great taste.

My grandmother used to have 3 dimensional ashtray that had a naked lady on it with sparkling ruby gems for nipples on one side. When you flipped it over, it had the lady's butt, and said to put your butts out there. My mother hated it, and never knew what side to flip it to when we were at grandma's house. She usually settled on ass up.

Granny was pretty awesome.

Thanks for reading. And leaving a comment! Nobody ever says anything. It must be because I say everything that needs to be said. It must....

Orsolya said...

Hey, I love your blog.:) I like Engrish and other funny stuff, too, and often find Chinglish stuff, and Defa Lucy is also familiar to me. I'm from Hungary, so I'm not a native English speaker, but usually I understand what's wrong with Engrish text. Defa Lucy is also familiar to me.;) But tell me, please... what does mean "Benign Girl" exactly? I mean this pink phone. The whole internet laughs at this topic, and I looked for, but I found nothing useful. I saw in toy stores this Benign Girl phone, but for me it was only a rough knock-off of Barbie. Sorry about this lame question, but benign girl is not in the dictionaries... So, what's wrong with it? It's a kind of disease, or what? Thank you.:)