Monday, January 21, 2008

Oh Da Toilette

It's an ungodly hour and I'm awake for no reason. I'm checking out vids on youtube. I breeze by and get sucked into a legendary old favorite. My mind shatters, breaking like the first shot on a pool table. Two balls sunk. One - sends me reeling right back to my recent Toob Tops post; Two - to a collection of photos I shot at a 59¢/79¢/99¢ in Washington Heights, on a tip off from my best girl grip Mackneel. I think these pictures are mad poignant.

Oh, and here's the video I was watching. Biz Markie - Toilet Stool Rap. Along time ago, this song kinda changed the game for me. Biz is the man.
Changed it how, I can't quite explain, just know you will forever "doo doo on yourself when my crew come through."*

*Nuk Fam copywrite etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, and you know!

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