Thursday, June 07, 2007

Potshots, Part Deux

So, back to the task at hand..

shout out to my boy chest rolls
The ghost of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes demonstrates with her magical rain bonnet and unbroken hair that...

super silky jumbo need not apply.

For serious though, I'm really truly digging the weave scene in discount stores.
I wish I had hair-did skills so I could stock up and do something crazy.

This is where if I had better photoshop skills, you'd be seeing Clay Aiken doing blue steel superimposed on each of these sticks of modeling clay.

You often see these in National Geographic. Attached to Banana Tits.

Banana Tit breast reduction.

I'm anticipating white kids and toilets becoming a running feature here.

That final feature and benefit is a doozy.
The old me would have bought this in preparation to gift at the first best opportunity, like a wedding, housewarming, or Mother's Day.

That cow is looking at us with her sexiest, Schatar-iest eyes and telling us that she's tasted herself. Ga-ross.

Ghetto booty linens. Hot. Little in the middle, but she got much back.

Bootleg Ipath kicks.
Now, This guy looks like he shops strictly at discount stores when he's got the luchini to blow. He also has a socially relevant message for us all.

wait for it.....

ha ha!

I go sleep now. Good bye.


diana said...

that was damn funny... whenever i go to my local 99 cents only, there is an abundance of "jumbo silky" braids and i'm always tempted to buy one even though im mexican, i think schatar must buy her hair at the 99, she buys like 15 jumbo braids and then soaks the bundle in peroxide (does fake hair color?)... btw, does anyone else ever comment???

BlogXilla said...

HAHAHA this spot is fiyah i'm never going to be able to go to a 99 cent store again w/o crackin up laughing

Anonymous said...

wow 99 cents only !!
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