Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hey Hey Hey


Phat Albert Warehouse
I'm not going to sing a song for you, but I will show you a thing or two...

I took a trip over to Brooklyn's Phat Albert Warehouse in Lefferts Gardens a while back, and found a most hilarious collection of Defa Lucy Dolls. This brand of dolls has definitely become my favorite thing to look for in discount stores thanks to the guaranteed laugh inducing copy on the boxes. Engrish, I love you so. Let's get started.

First up - The Elegance Series
99sense lefferts 141
Although I do love her stylish crocheted gowns that remind me of the Jamaican mesh explosion of the 1990's there's nothing much funny here until you get close up. Enhance.

Defa Lucy has got a new dress.
Effulgent bead in slap-up thread? Oh, I'm mad cuz she's stylin' on me.

And from the side?
99sense lefferts 143
99sense lefferts 144
Brilliance and sparkling notions! I suggest everybody much more open out their noblest and elegant which are always latent. Please. Show us what you're working with.

Defa Lucy The Elegant Wedding Dress
Defa Lucy is a great source of elegance. This time she's getting married.

99sense lefferts 163

Super Cool Gal
I've seen Super Cool Gal before, but this time she's black, so I'm going to join in this team, as requested. We have to stick together.

99sense lefferts 148
In an epic battle of copycattery, Real Barbie has fashion fever with little hangers, and drawers that open.

Fashion Girl For you New Styls
And in this corner, Fashion Girl with her swagger jack packaging has new fashion styls.

99sense lefferts 147
and a fashion neckcloth.
Keffiyeh's are what all the gay cool mormon hipster transplants to nyc are wearing these days, so this round goes to Fashion Girl. Barbie, consider yourself pwned.

Defa Lucy Bendable and Fully Poseable
This Defa Lucy appears to be some sort of flower garden variety. Let's check out what her box has to say:
99sense lefferts 151
well, in my opinionation, the sun is going to surely shine.

Defa Lucy Romantic Snowscape
Here we have a pair of Black Russians.

99sense lefferts 160
Or, according to what the box says they're up to, they may be Icelandic. I remember reading a couple quotes from Björk a long time ago about how Icelandic people get drunk in the winter and scream at each other, and have sex in the snow between buildings. Sounds reallyromantic.

Defa Lucy Ballet Sheila
Check out Ballet Sheila, with her dulcet music.
She's all Zoe Saldana as Eva Rodriguez in the movie Center Stage, rolling with her vanilla crew of anorexics
Ballet Sheila Box Engrish
Balletdancering of new century to the tunes of Michael Jackson and Jamiroquai.
See for yourself:

You can make her do more...
Oh, I'm wrong for that.

In all, I have to say that I was impressed by the racial sensitivity and care that was given in stocking these particular Defa Lucy dolls. Phat Albert's warehouse gets a thumbs up from me. Na na na, I totally had a good time.


baje sage said...

i love you. reallyromantic should apply for word citizenship in dictionary nation

mike said...

have you been to Phat Alpert in Bushwick? It is off the Flushing stop on the J.

Daisy said...

i live across the street from phat albert's now! have you seen their toilet seat cover collection?

Kangsta! said...

mike - thanks for the tip. i'll have to take a trip out there.

daisy - i didn't particularly notice the toilet seat covers, but I took these pics a long time ago, so maybe things have changed. I'll come visit.

justine said...

i really want to buy a made by hand completely defa lucy doll now so i can find out what i can make her do more of..

Melissa Walker said...

i'm going to scout some dolls for you around 5th ave in bklyn. i've seen some amazing ones, but probably nothing will equal defa lucy.